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Kaziuko Fair

The streets of old town Vilnius were hustling and bustling from February 29 to March 2 during the annual Kaziuko fair (Kaziuko mugė). The event rambled through Gediminas prospect, Pilies Street, B. Radvilaitės Street (near the Gothic St. Anne’s Church) into Tymo area near the Vilnelės river.  Kaziuko fair is recognized as one of Europe’s oldest artisan markets with origins dating back to the 17th the century – an event for Lithuania to take great pride in.

This fair attracts many artisans and vendors from all over Lithuania, as well as from neighbouring countries such as Latvia, Byelorussia and others. As customary for the time of year, rain showers are expected but even strong showers didn’t discourage vendors or deter buyers searching for unique, handmade items. 
It is expected to barter at these stalls and vendors were friendly and accommodating. With a smile, they would lower the price if they knew it would result in a successful sale.  The prices varied ranging from 15 litai for wooden kitchen utensils up to 35 litai and more for woven linens. I found a decorative shoe for 50 litai that could be used as a small doghouse.  A decorative kitchen witch cost about 45 or more litai. 

The sweet aroma of fresh baked goods made by Rokiškis bakers and others swept through the streets and tempted the stomach. The smells made me feel as though I had dropped in to a farmhouse kitchen. The stalls were laden with dried herbs, honey, beeswax candles and the smell of wooden carvings and baskets made from various grasses such as oak, juniper, alder and pussy willows could be detected. It was an amazing and memorable experience to have been in Vilnius during this event.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the Kaziuko fair in the photo gallery and I am indebted to the artisans who agreed to be photographed so I could share these images with you.