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St. John celebration (Joninės)

Dear Ottawa's Lithuanians and Friends,

We are organizing St. John Baptist celebration (Joninės) this Sun, June 23rd at Venta preparatory school in Carp at 3.00pm.

We are expecting guests from Montreal - community members, "Gintaras" dancers, who will introduce and teach Lithuanian folk dances, as well as members of the Montreal choir. We also expect Latvian community members.

As advertized - we are planning pot-luck and BBQ. We would like to ask to let Loreta (loreta.gudynaite @ know, if you are able to contribute to BBQ (we need portable BBQs and helpers who would be able to come earlier, before the beginning or our event). If you are planning to contribute to BBQ (meat, sausages, hamburgers, etc. ) it would be very helpful to know that in advance in order to plan our event properly.


Lithuanian Tourism Opportunities in Ottawa

For the first time the Lithuanian Tourism Opportunities were presented in Ottawa, Canada, within the framework of the Travel and Vacation Show

On the 9th of March, 2013, Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Canada held an event dedicated to the Lithuanian Tourism Opportunities.

Lithuania, one of the three Baltic States, has been recently gaining widespread attention among tourists from North America and media acknowledgement – Patricia Schultz included Lithuania in her bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and the New York Times named Lithuania as one of the destinations to visit in 2013.

The event is aimed at addressing this growing interest as well as revealing new cooperation and business opportunities. Guests had a unique chance to discover authentic Lithuanian cuisine and the interactive exhibit of Baltic Amber products as well as the photographs of famous Lithuanian personalities.

Comparatively with 2011, last year the number of all incoming overnight tourists from North America has risen up by 11.9 percent. The index of incoming overnight tourists is grown up to 12.1 % which almost quadruples the amount reached in Estonia (+3.6 %) and Latvia (+3.1 %).

You can see pictures from the event on Facebook.


Fall BBQ

Was held on Sept 15th, 2012, Venta preparatory school, Carp.


During the event we welcomed newly-arrived families from the Lithuanian embassy.

Ambassador Vytautas Žalys, his wife Jūratė and son Bartas arrived to Canada in Aug and presented the Letter of Credence to Governor General in Rideau Hall on Sept 15th.

Consul Jonas Skardinskas, his wife Ilona and sons Lukas and Rokas arrived to Canada in May.

Secretary  Elzė Rimkutė arrive to Canada in Sept.

We also kicked-off the new school year start for Ottawa's Lithuanian school "Vyturelis". This year several new students joined our school and in total 17 student will attend school. We sincerely thank our sponsors Lithuanian credit union "Litas" in Montreal, Lithuanian Canadian community and Lithuanian Canadian Foundation for financial support. This support allowed our school to obtain laptop, projector and covered the rent of the hall for school's activities during 2012-2013 school year.

Official part was followed by dinner with refreshments and games for school students.

We thank Lithuanian embassy and all LCC Ottawa chapter members for support and participation.


Opening of the Lithuanian language school

Mokiniai ir Mokytojos 1024

On September 10th, Ottawa's Lithuanian School "Vyturelis" officially opened and began a new school year. LCC Ottawa Chapter President Loreta-Gudynaite -Savitch successfully organized the young students, ther families and the teachers. The opening was held at Venta Preparatory School. The students, dressed in bright green t-shirts, were greeted by Lithuanian ambassador in Canada Ginte Damusis. On this occasion, Algimantas Eimantas also shared memories of his father who started a Lithuanian-language school in London, Ontario. Students shared memories of their summer vacation and everyone enjoyed a pot-luck BBQ lunch.


Mardi Gras - A "Masked" Affair

Kids with masks

Children proudly wear their original creations which they made at the crafts table during the Mardi Gras evening. Ottawa’s children and the young at heart attended a Mardi Gras celebration on March 12th at the Latvian Church Hall.

Some got into the spirit by wearing costumes and masks and others were in good spirits. The evening’s highlight was learning dance steps to the cha cha and other dances which were taught by Loreta and her husband Leonid.


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The Amber Coast


Ilse Zandstra has recently published a book called "The Amber Coast: A Latvian Family's Journey.” It is a work of creative non-fiction about her extended family, before and after World War II, how they fled Latvia ahead of the Soviet advance and where they ended up (Germany and Sweden) before immigrating to Canada and the United States. She believes that the Lithuanian and Estonian experiences are very similar and that these stories should be made known to a wider public who know very little about civilian suffering in Eastern Europe at that time.

Her book is historically accurate, based on documents, letters, interviews and research. If you would like to know more information, please visit her website, The book is for sale ($20) and it can be ordered directly from the author or online.

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